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Doro Phone Easy 615 - Black (Unlocked) Big Button, FM, Camera Mobile Phone
Click here to see Customer Reviews.

Click here to see Customer Reviews.
Lowest price:
~ Built in 3.2 megapixel camera with flash
~ Easy to read text and colour display
~ Extra loud handset volume +35dB
~ Two Way Speakerphone
~ Extra loud and clear sound

An elegant and durable clamshell phone for answering and ending calls with a simple flip. In addition to raised edges, soft touch coating and widely spaced, concave keys, Doro PhoneEasy® 615 also has an easy to use camera that lets you take and send photos in a snap. Other features enhanced sound, BluetoothTM and direct memories and SMS button. Smart design and functionality Easy to read display Our phones have very clear displays with large characters that are easier to distinguish. Types range from high contrast white on black displays, to sharp colour displays. Ergonomic enhancements This product features one or more ergonomically designed details for reducing strain, discomfort or irritation, e.g. a handset that's comfortable to hold, a stable base, etc. HAC - Hearing Aid Compatibility An important feature for hearing aid users. Most of our mobile phones are rated M3/T3 or higher, meaning they will work with most types of hearing aids

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