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KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell Phone Wearable for Kids & Children "All in One Security Solution", Black
Click here to see Customer Reviews.

Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $79.95 Lowest price:
~ Color: Black - If You Want White See Our Other Listing
~ It's a Cell Phone - It's a GPS Tracker
~ Parental Control of Incoming & Outgoing Calls
~ SOS Button
~ Real Time Tracking

You will need to activate & choose a service plan powered by value wireless for your kidsconnect gps phone after you receive your phone. Please visit www.Mykidsconnect.Com for details. The kidsconnect phone is a parent's "all in one security solution". It is the best way for parents to obtain piece of mind while their children are away from home. The kidsconnect phone is equipped gps/lbs[1] location which allows real time tracking of the phone via the android or ios app or on any web enabled device. Parents can also see where their children have been with the location history feature. The sos feature when activated will send a text message with the gps/lbs[1] location to up to 4 cell phone numbers and then it will autodial the numbers on the sos list until one is answered[2]. The sos feature can also be programmed to call a help center where a live operator will answer the phone and assist the child at an additional cost. The geofencing feature allows parents to set a predetermined area and receive an alert if the phone enters or leaves the area. The voice monitoring feature allows parents to send a text message to the phone and within a minute the phone will call back without activating the screen allowing them the ability to monitor the child's surroundings. The kidsconnect phone is equipped with 4 speed dial numbers as well as a 20 number phone book. These preprogrammed numbers are the only numbers that the child can call as well as being the only numbers that can call the phone. 3.7 Volt battery included. [1]Gps/lbs tracking service is not 100% accurate, it can be used to approximate your location only. Tracking will work when your device is turned on, has network access and may not be available in remote or enclosed areas. Lbs tracking works by locating the nearest cell phone tower to your device. See website for terms and conditions. [2]If voicemail picks up the phone will think the call is answered and it will not call the remaining numbers on the sos list.

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