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Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster 4G LTE Cell Signal Booster HJCINTL FDD Band 13 700MHz High Gain 4G Home Mobile Phone Signal Booster Amplifier (Panel/Whip)
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Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $129.99 Lowest price: New $129.99
~ This cell phone signal booster only works with Verizon 700MHz 4G Lte network frequency (777-787MHz,746-756MHz). Works with all cellular devices: Smartphones, Tablets, Data Cards, and Notebooks
~ 【Stop dropped calls】- Boost 4G LTE cell phone signals in your home or office with a signal boosting range of up to 1500 sq ft. The booster simply amplifies your existing signal to give you more bars and and maintain fast data speeds while you browse the internet or talk on the phone.
~ 【Excellent Function】- Reduces dropped call, better voice quality, faster uploads and downloads. No more slow internet connections or long buffer times while watching your favorite streaming tv shows and movies. Give your smartphone, tablet, data card, and notebooks boosted speeds all at the same time while using the Home 4G.
~ 【Easy to Install】 - All of the components you need for installation are included in the package with easy to read, step-by-step instructions. Requires no technical experience with easy plug-and-play style setup, safe and convenient to use.
~ 【Warranty】- One Year Warranty! With FCC authentication certificate and quality guaranteed. If there are any problem of this booster, please feel free to contact us firstly. We will try best to solve the problem with you.

This product is used to strengthen the weak signal, it couldn't create the signal, that's means it won't give you any help if there is no signal at all.

Operation Frequency:Band 13
Frequency Range: Uplink:776MHz-787MHz,Downlink:746MHz-757MHz
Emission Designator:LTE(G7D)
Gain:Uplink:60±2dB Downlink:62±2dB
Max.Antenna Gain:Uplink:8.1dBm Downlink:7.85dBm

Package Content:
1* Verizon 700MHz Single Band Repeater
1 * Indoor Panel Antenna With 16ft Coaxial Cable
1 * Outdoor Panel Antenna With 10 Meters (32.80 feet) Coaxial Cable
4 * Screws for Mounting
1 * English User Manual

Installation Guide:
1.Check and find a place where your cell phone can receive the best signal outside your house,and keep the outdoor antenna towards the cell phone signal tower
2.Fix the repeater device somewhere inside the house,the repeater should be fixed in a place where is near from the power socket, and have good ventilation.
3.Tightly connect the 10m coaxial cable to the outdoor antenna and the OUTDOOR port of the repeater
4.Tightly connect the indoor whip antenna on the INDOOR port of the repeater. 5.Connect the power of the repeater.

General Troubleshooting Steps:
1.Make sure your cell phone is Verizon 700MHz 4G LTE Band 13 network frequency 2.Make sure the Outdoor Antenna towards the cell phone signal tower,and could receive receive 2-3 bars of stable signal
3.It is better to determine the exact in different location until the highest signal strength is received on your phone(most amount of bars).Once you ascertain the best location then permanently mount the outdoor antenna.Keep the distance between the outdoor antenna and indoor antenna should be above 22ft and make sure a proper amount of physical separation between outdoor antenna and indoor antenna.These things are absolutely critical for this booster to work.

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