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Wireless Android Mobile Phone Game Controller, Retractable Telescopic PUBG Mobile Game Controller with L3 R3 Buttons for Android Phones

Main features of this product:
~ Compatible with Android System : This mobile phone game controller compatible with android system 6.0 or above devices with 2 kinds of modes:Direct Play Mode and Android Standard Mode.
~ Support 2 Different Modes: Android Standard Mode support on Android system devices,no need any other settings just connect and play on this mode,but only support few games.Direct Play Mode support much more games on this mode and support remapping the buttons on “Shooting Plus V3” APP.
~ Mobile Phone Dimension Limits: Fit for the vast majority of mobile phones in the market. The maximum length limit for the mobile phone devices is 6.2 inch, please make sure the length of your phone within 6.2 inch before purchase just in case it can not be fitted for the extendable game controller.
~ TURBO Function: the 8 action buttons(A/B/X/Y/L1/R1/L2/R2) can be manually set TURBO function, after the game controller slept,turned off or restart,the previous TURBO settings will be be cleared and needs to be reset it again.
~ Warm Tips: Please charge the controller about 5-8 hours before first operation, and it is necessary to read the user manual carefully before any operation. If it doesn`t work with the games on Android Standard Mode, please reconnect the controller with your phone to Direct Play Mode and try again.

Manufacturer: Conbeer
Brand: Conbeer
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